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3Tatta lotto Saturday jackpot result today online winning numbers Australia Saturday lotto national lottery. Get benefits from a $5 million prize every Saturday with a super draw bounce of 420 million., This weekly draw is held on every Saturday at 8:30 PM ( Australian time). The draw is a base game by randomly from 1 to 45 numbers.

You can choose any number from 1 to 45 and wait for Tatas Lotto Result There are 2 supplementary and 6 winning numbers every Saturday. This is the first European-format lotto in Australia and is known by many names, including Saturday lotto, Gold Lotto, Australian lottery, x lotto, and Tattas Lotto. If you are new and want to enter, you must know how to play and win tatts Saturday lotto. This lottery has many names, OZ lotto, Golden, tatts lotto, Saturday lotto and Australi National Lotto.

Tatts Lotto Result Today  – Saturday Draw

Today’s Latest Tatts Lotto results are online with all winner’s detail, jackpot, and prize division here

Tattslotto 4333 Numbers:

Prize Divisions Tatts Lotto

There are 6 divisions in Saturday tatts lotto draw, check the winners and prize detail today 28-1-2023.

TattsLotto Prize detail

Check the price detail of tatts lotto Saturday lottery of Australia with numbers and their prizes.

Division Category Odds based
1st 6 winning Numbers 8,145,060
2nd 5 winning numbers + 1 or 2 supplementary numbers 678,755
3rd 5 winning Numbers 36,689
4th 4 winning Numbers 733
5th 3 winning numbers + 1 or 2 supplementary numbers 297
6th 3 winning Numbers 45

What Is Tatts Lotto or Saturday Lotto or Saturday jackpot?

This first European-format lottery is an Australian draw held in 1972 and well know Saturday Lotto and Gold lotto in Queensland also popularly known as Gold Lotto in Queensland.

The Australia national lottery tattas lotto is held on each Saturday night from 7:30 to 8:30 PM. This Gold Lotto is a product of the Australia Tatts group.

How to Play Tatts Lotto

The weekly draw is held on each Saturday night, you need to purchase a ticket for $1.10, and participation is done; Anyone who is over 18, can play this Australian lotto.

How Tatts Lotto draw held?

This Saturday’s draw is held online through the latest technology, The machine randomly picks numbers ball from 1 to 45. A total of 6 winning numbers and 2 supplementary numbers pick from the barrel.  Check all the detail about prizes below here.

  • There are 6 main and 2 supplementary numbers drawn between  the 1 to 45
  • $3.30 cost for the 4 games.
  • You can select your lucky numbers and any numbers from 1 to 45.
  • You will be 1st winner if all 6 numbers match in the draw.

Frequently Ask Questions of Australian Lotto.

Can Foreigner play Tatts Lotto?

Yes, you need to buy a ticket and be done, for the prize claim, you must be there in Australia.

what is oz lotto

Oz Lotto is an Australian national lottery owned by Tatts Group

Can Foreigner Player Australian Tatts lotto?

Yes, You can play from your home.

How to win a TattsLotto prize?

It is number base game, you need to match numbers to win. Check the table in the article about numbers matching and their prizes.

which are the lucky numbers in the OZ lotto?

These are the lucky number many times.

  • 25: 110 times Winning numbers
  • 33: 119 times Winning numbers
  • 28: 109 times Winning numbers
  • 2: 109 times Winning numbers

Do 4 numbers win a prize in TattsLotto?

check the table for detail.

Do 3 numbers win a prize in TattsLotto?

For detail of members and prizes in the table, check the table in this article.

What is the easiest lotto to win?

French Lotto gives 6 chances of winning.

How many numbers do I need to win a prize in TattsLotto?


What is the TattsLotto ticket?

  • Regular $9.95. 12
  • Super $14.90. 18
  • Mega $19.90. 24.
  • Jumbo $29.80. 36
  • Maxi $41.40. 50

Who owns TattsLotto?

Tabcorp brand

Can anyone buy lotto Australia?

Yes but some restricted countries list that can’t enter In the tats lotto. Here is the list.

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