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How To Claim Tatts Lotto Prizes – Saturday Lotto Australia

The Tatts lotto is an Australian Lottery weekly held on every Saturday, The winners need to match their numbers with Saturday lotto Results (Tatts lotto) and claim their prizes. If you won and don’t know how you can claim the Saturday lotto, don’t worry, this article will give you proper information step by step.

 How To Claim Tatts Lotto  Step By Step

Always buy tickets through your personal account from the membership and you have 4 weeks to draw a prize claim but if you can’t within time, other options are also available.

You can transfer the prize into your bank account in Australia
Transfer into your online account
You can get it by postal address in Australia but there will be a fee handling of $3.30 and less than $6 will be included in the check.

prize saturday lotto detail

Digital Account

This is a very easy way to claim your Saturday lotto Australian lottery prize claim. Simply follow us here.

  • Login your account
  • Click on the prizes section
  • Select your payment

Play In Store

If you play in-store, you need to put detail in that form and get into your bank account. You can link your account with your previous tatts card on the form.

In Person

Here you can claim your tatts prize at tatts lotteries retail outlet or head office.

By Post

Get your prize payment by post so you need to put a real address for instant Scratch and pick local tatts retail outlet and the process will be complete within 10 working days.

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purchased in-store Entry

If your prize amount is under $1500, you can claim directly from the retailer but if over $1500, the prize amount will be transferred by check or by electric fund transfer.

Claiming on someone’s behalf

On the behalf of someone, you need a prize claim form that will be filled by the registration card holder with original tickets within the person detail of that person, put complete detail and contact information and prize amount. The behalf person needs to sign and provide all legal detail for verification and the prize amount will be paid after the process.

Anyone can participate in this lotto by purchasing a lotto ticket, you need to know how to play and buy ticket tatts lotto of Australia.

If you lose your lottery tickets or membership card, you can contact 131868. They will verify your identity and send a cheque or ticket for registered players.

You must have a record copy in case of a loss or damage ticket and if you lose you should consult with your near office for a Stop payment claim.

Tatts lotto head office address

Level 21, Tower 2
727 Collins Street

Miney To Friday 8:30 am – 4:30 pm

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