how to play and win tuesday lotto oz

How To Play and Win Tuesday Lotto – OZ Lotto

The Australian Tuesday lotto is a weekly lottery held on each Tuesday and played by the public. let’s know how to play the Tuesday lotto and how to win. This OZ lottery is a national Australian lottery administrated by lotto and Lotterywest. Win $1 million by matching 6 six numbers and win a jackpot of Australian $1 million prize amount and other prizes by matching fewer numbers. On each draw, there are 2 random numbers generated randomly.

How To Play Wednesday Lotto 2023

You need to buy a ticket and entered this draw and wait for Tuesday’s lotto result. Here are the steps in this lotto entry.

Marked Entry

You can choose 6 numbers from 1 to 45 and mark them on your payslip and get it from the store by pay. The price amount is $22.40 and you can play 18+ games with the coupon.


If you don’t want to play manually, you can do it by Quickpick by clicking on your payslip where the numbers will randomly print.

System Entry

This is a good way to increase your winning chance but you must pay for each. Here you will choose from 20 to 40 numbers and each variation will be entered in the draw.

Pick Entry

In this way, you will match 1 or 2 winning numbers where you need to pick 4 to 5 numbers but 1 number automatically be added to your selected number. You will play 820 games.

Syndicates Entry

Here you will play with a team where you can submit multiple entries and the cost will be divided between other group members. It is the best way to increase the winning chance. The group members may be your friends, family members, or other close people.

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Advance Entries

You can play advanced 10 or more draws and schedule of coming draw entries.

How To Win OZ Lotto?

You need to play 10 numbers from a barrel of 47 numbers and match the first 7 numbers to win 1st prize and the last 3 numbers are Supplementary numbers and more winning numbers in line mean entry in the big draw. The Division 1 odds increase your winning chance.

This is very difficult for anyone to guess about winning numbers because the draw held by a machine and picked random numbers that depend upon your luck whether your ticket’s numbers match with the winning numbers are not, It works like the Saturday lotto.

You can increase your winning chances by following these simple steps:

Buy more than 1 ticket.

Number variation of tickets

Try to check old results and check most winning numbers

Choose your lucky numbers and try different numbers on each draw.

This is the way how you can win the Tuesday lotto Australia lottery.


You need to choose numbers if you don’t like the number generator and you can generate your own numbers but click on generate and it generates 6 numbers. But everything is just predictable so it depends upon your luck to win Tuesday’s lotto prize.

When is the last time to buy a ticket?

7:30 pm Australian time but 6:00 pm Western Australi

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