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Delivering Smart Solutions For Supply Chain Optimization




Planning the procurement operations from the suppliers is one a critical logistics operation that has wide ranging effects on the entire supply chain. We incorporate different functions including inventory management, optimal procurement planning, loading and routing of vehicles, managing the logistics of pallets. The flexibility of the MilkRunOpt enables us to customize the system to accommodate specific needs and requests of our customers. We provide optimal results in seconds and achieve about 20% cost savings.


Estimating the future demand for products and services is a fundamental step in the strategy, planning and operations of any business organization. The suite of novel forecasting models in our portfolio offers ability to autonomously select the best fit model considering seasonal and macro-economic conditions. Furthermore, you have the power of understanding the future demand before others. SmartOpt can transform your data and information into action.


Routing is a fundamental activity in inbound and outbound logistics that has a significant share in operational costs. RouteOpt provides optimal loading and routing for your inbound and outbound logistics operations. Thanks to our propriety algorithms, we are able to deliver solutions that minimize your costs and increase capacity utilization simultaneously. We also incorporate dynamic traffic data, delivery time limits and different vehicle types. We achieve about 15-20% savings.





SmartOpt was founded in the SystemsLab at Koc University. The concepts, models and algorithms for end-to-end supply chains are being developed by Prof. Metin Turkay and his students. SmartOpt aims to provide optimized solutions in terms of costs and revenues.


At SmartOpt, we understand that change is not always easy. We help companies of all sizes to respond to industry necessities to stay competitive. Our main goal is to transfer innovative academic research to actionable solutions.


Our team of experts are ready to work with you for developing strategic solutions. 

Our approach enables:

  • Demand forecasting and planning

  • Holistic view of supply chain including suppliers and customers

  • Industry 4.0 requirements


SmartOpt uses state-of-the-art statistical analysis, machine learning, artificial intelligence and modelling optimization technologies to deliver customizable solutions to end-to-end supply chain management. We use our own libraries in delivering effective solutions.



En Başarılı Koçlular 2019

In 2019, we were awarded the second prize with MilkrunOpt in the category of Collaboration Developers in the Koç Holding's Most Successful Koç Employees competition.


The Team

Metin Türkay


Burak Büyükdereli

Business Development & Sales

Esma Bozgeyik

Marketing & Operations

Fatih Rahim

Product Manager

Banu Ulusoy

Product Manager

Serdar Içtüzer

Workflow Solutions




Esma Bozgeyik

Marketing & Operations