oz lotto tuesday night result

OZ Lotto Result Today Draw Tuesday Night Live Now 2-5-2023

Check the latest OZ lotto result today Wednesday now 7:30 pm AEST. The biggest Australian lottery is live here ad happy time for those lucky winners who will get a huge amount of prize today.
You need to match 6 numbers out of 45 but after 2005 replace with 7 numbers or 7 balls picked by the machine during the draw and luck base lotto like Saturday lotto. There are different names for this lottery like super 7 and tatts lotto and OZ 7 lotto in Queensland.

OZ Lotto Result Today Tuesday night  2-5-2023

You can win 2 million Dollars in one prize pool in this lotto so it is the biggest opportunity to win oz lotto and make your life rich. The lotto draw is held on each Tuesday at 7:30 in the Australian Time zone. This is first Australia’s national lottery and is operated by a lottery corporation. OZ is the biggest offering the biggest prize amount in Australian history.

In 2022 OZ Lotto’s new prize is $3 million and numbers range from 1 to 47 and down supplementary numbers. It’s owned by the Tatts group of Australia but not in Western Australia. Tatts Lotto is an old lottery in Australia that started in 1995 as the first Australi national lottery. You can play by buying a ticket for $1.10 and win a huge amount of prizes.
On May 2022, Again it changes the number calculation from 7-45 to 7 -47 and put an extra supplementary number. You need to match 7 numbers and win millions of dollars.

OZ lotto Prizes Detail Wednesday Lotto Draw 1524


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The minimum division is $ 3 million for 1st prize pool division and no division, the draw will be held on next Tuesday and you can win a jackpot of $100 million Australian Dollars.


How OZ Lotto Draw Held

This draw is held on each Wednesday night at 7:30 and the latest technology machine picks 10 numbers randomly from 1 to 47 and the last 3 numbers are known as supplementary numbers.
As the public reviews, the 1st division is difficult, and most public try the 2nd to 7th division where many chances to match their numbers and win.

Oz Lotto Syndicates

This group entry is a player’s team that works together to increase the winning chance. It increases the winning chance through buy bigger entries and prizes will be divided between team members. You can also make a team of your family, friends, and relatives to join syndicates and increase your winning chance.

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How does Oz Lotto work?

By the combination of 8 numbers, there are many chances to match all 7 numbers and win the lotto. Here you can check below different entries. The Oz Tuesday lotto is operated by Jumbo Interactive Lmt, a member of Australian charity lotteries like Prize Home, Mater, Endeavour, and Deaf Lottery.

Standard entry

7 choose numbers with Powerball is a standard entry like the main numbers of 1 game.
37, 12, 22, 31, 10, 42, 33

System 8 Entry

It gives a combination of 8 numbers like 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8

Frequently Ask Questions

How do I find my oz lotto result?
Open your ticket and match numbers with the result which is already published on this post.

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Can I get the result by calling?
you can call on this number and get a result, call 1300 987 919.

Is my OZ ticket valid for a long time after purchase?
Yes, it is valid for 7 years.

How I can Check My ticket?
You can easily check by matching a number of winners number on the result day and if matches, means you won.

What are the Supplementary Numbers in the OZ lotto result?
The extra 3 numbers which drawn after the main draw and increase the chance to win.

Where I can see the previous result?
You can check all the latest draws and previous draw results on this post.

What is the Draw Result Time of the lotto?
Each Tuesday at 7:30 the Australian time

How To Win OZ lotto?

You need to match your ticket numbers as mentioned in the article so you can increase your winning chances this way but not 100% because it is luck base game and numbers pick randomly.
• Buy more tickets
• Select your lucky numbers like your birthday or your favorite numbers.
• Different combinations and the same pair with a variation.

How to buy an oz lotto ticket?
You can buy online oz lotto tickets from the official site and from official online retailers. It is advised you always take security in your ticket detail.

What are the most popular combinations of numbers in this lotto?
1-0-1-0 are the lucky numbers.

Can foreigners play Oz Lotto?

What are the lucky numbers in 2022?
4 & 7

Who owns the lotto?
NSW lottery corporation pty LTD.

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Can I claim my prize after 3 months?
You can claim within 6 months but not after the mentioned time.

What are the luckiest numbers in Oz Lotto?
33 is the luckiest number which appeared many times in the previous draw and the number 10.

How many numbers and divisions need to win OZ lotto?

Atlead 3 numbers and 1 supplementary number for lowest division and for jackpot 1st division, you need to match 7 numbers.

Which Lotto is easiest to win in Australia?
Saturday Lotto (tatts lotto)

What is the lucky number of all time?

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