Emirates Draw Easy6 Latest Announcement Emirates

The latest announcement from the Emirates head office for the 2nd draw has been named Easy 6 and the ticket’s price will be AED 15 so that many people can try their luck and participate in the Emirates Draw and win. Today first Emirates draw 1st Anniversary of Easy6.

What is Easy 6 Emirates Draw

Easy is an easy way for the public to spend a little like AED15 and buy a pencil and support a social program, and the grand prize will be AED10,000,000. This draw will be held on every Friday at the same time 9:00 PM from 30th September 2022.

It will be very easy for their process of winning because there will be a pool of 39 number and the player need only 6 numbers that match. You can select random numbers and if your numbers will match, it means you won.



Emirates draw mega 6

The old name of Emirates Mega7 converts to Easy 6.

The winner will receive 10,000,000 Emirati Dirhams and 6 winners will get 1500 if all numbers match. The Easy winner draw will be held on every Friday at 9:00 PM.


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