Emirates Draw Results Today Live Winning Numbers

 Emirates draw results today winner result and all winning numbers. Check your numbers and win today’s draw. The world’s most famous and legal lottery in UAE is held in Dubai and the purpose of this draw improvement lifestyle of the public and help this way. Most of the emirates’ draw winners will become rich today. A huge amount from this draw is being donated to the Coral Reef program in Fujairah for the protection of Marine life.

نتيجة سحب طيران الإمارات اليوم مع قائمة كاملة بأرقام الفوز

Emirates draw result live today

Today Emirates Draw Result Today Live

Please check below the list of winning numbers and match your lottery ticket with the Emirates Winner’s Numbers.

Today Sunday live Emirates Draw Winners

Main Winner

First:     2 | 0 | 8 | 4 | 6 | 1 | 5 


 2667779 – 2704887 – 2608101 – 2619895 – 2672821 -2659725 – 2730360 


What is Emirates Draw?

  Latest Announcement

  Emirates Draw Easy 6, which is the second draw and you can play with 15AED and there will be 6 Winners of 15000 Emirati Dirhams. 

Emirates is the most famous company in Fujairah State UAE(United Arab Emirates). They are also doing marketing exciting different events and socially beneficial work.

All the draws of this Emirates lottery do live and work automatically through technology so there is no doubt of any misunderstanding about the Emirates draw winning numbers. It also works like other UAE lotteries like the Mahzooz draw.

All activities work under the “CRS Law”, and the purpose of social services for the help UAE public, and their social activities are a good step for the public.

Important information about Emirates Draw

The draw was held first time on 25 September 2021 in Dubai which is held weekly. This is very famous and helpful for the communities and a great chance to make their lifestyle better. This is a luck-based draw and every week many lucky winners got a huge amount of money.

If you are new and don’t know much about the Draw game, it may be confusing for you, first, you should have detail about the Emirates draw game rules.

There will be win 7 lucky winners who will win AED 77,777 which is a good amount and make them rich and if the winner achieves the score enter a prize of AED 77,777,777.

How does the Win Emirates draw?

First, you need to make an account and register and book an online ticket, after that you can enter in Draw which is held weekly base in Dubai and the winners get 77 million and 7 Raffle inners of QED 77,777.

The Emirates ticket price is only AED 50/ per ticket and you can buy Emirates tickets in advance for the coming 5 draws. You don’t need to pay money to any third person or more than EAD 50 because most people try to make a fool. you can read about how to buy draw tickets in UAE from the right place online.

Emirates Draw Prize List 2022 latest

If your ticket’s numbers match with the 7 winning numbers you will be a winner.

تحقق من نتيجة قرعة طيران الإمارات قد تكون أنت الفائز
  1. AED 77,777,777 Dirhams prize for matching 7 out of 7 digits.
  2. AED 777,777 Dirhams prize for matching 6 out of 7 digits.
  3. AED 77,777 Dirhams for matching 5 out of 7 digits.
  4. AED 7,777 Dirhams for matching 4 out of 7 digits.
  5. AED 777 Dirhams for matching 3 out of 7 digits.
  6. AED 77 Dirhams for matching 2 out of 7 digits.

How you will add in EmiratesDraw

First, your need to create an account, and give your personal detail (which will be secure from the public and will not be used for any other purpose). Because contact information is used to contact you if you are the winner. You will get mail and message. After signup, you need to log in to your account and buy online tickets. All the system of this draw is automatically through technology. After that, you need to select 7 digits which will be locked after choosing, and no person has the same numbers. On the draw, if your numbers will be matched, you will be a winner. You can use Emirates Draw App.


Contact information of Head office Emirate draw

Emirates draw head office phone number +97192377723 and you can also send mail [email protected]

Final words.

It is a great opportunity for all people and this is a legal lottery system so you don’t worry about any fraud. People from all over the world watch this live draw.


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