The Complete Guide to Achieving Permanent Residency in Dubai

The Complete Guide to Achieving Permanent Residency in Dubai

Dubai, an alluring oasis in the United Arab Emirates (UAE), has captured the world’s attention with its breathtaking skyline, tax-free salaries, and quality of life. Naturally, it has prompted individuals globally to ponder, “Can I Live in Dubai Permanently?” The answer is affirmative, albeit conditional. This article delves into what it takes to transition from a transitory visitor to a permanent resident of this glamorous city.

Permanent Residency in Dubai

Is Permanent Residence in Dubai Feasible?

Yes, acquiring a permanent residence in Dubai is viable. The city extends opportunities for entrepreneurs and families to make it their long-term home. Nevertheless, prerequisites include a valid work visa, legal residency rights, and vital financial resources, among other things. Meeting these conditions is essential in your quest to answer the question, “Can I move permanently to Dubai?” 

Prerequisites for Permanent Residence in Dubai

The process of moving to Dubai without a job can be challenging. A valid work visa, legal residency status and sufficient financial resources are mandatory. You’ll also need to demonstrate that you can financially support yourself and your dependents without governmental assistance. These Dubai permanent residency requirements ensure the city maintains its high living standards. 

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The Process of Gaining Permanent Residency in the UAE

To begin the process of how to get permanent residency in UAE, you first need to secure an entry permit with a sponsor’s assistance. The cost, such as the three years residence visa in Dubai price, can vary based on the visa’s validity. The UAE authorities have developed smartphone apps that enable users to apply for or renew their citizenship. Once you secure your residency visa and Emirate ID card, you are one step closer to achieving your goal. 

Avenues to Acquiring Permanent Residency in the UAE

Employment Visa Path

Employment is one of the quickest routes to obtaining your residency. If your employer provides accommodation, a minimum salary of 3,000 AED is required, while a monthly salary of 4,000 AED is necessary if you own your home. 

Investor Path

Property investment can sponsor you for a permanent visa. This pathway requires an investment of over 1 million AED in the completed property. However, this visa doesn’t permit you to work in the Emirate. The permanent access for Dubai price through this method can be pretty hefty.

Company Registration Path

After three years, you are eligible for a resident visa. The cheapest residence visa in UAE can be obtained through this route. Setting up a business in Dubai or its free zones also paves the way for permanent residency. 

Family Visa Path

Family members of a foreign national can apply for a resident visa. A minimum wage is required to bring along family members, with different requirements for spouses, children, and parents.

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University Student Sponsor Path

Students in UAE schools are eligible for a permanent residency visa sponsored by the university. You can qualify with an excellent academic record, leading you on the path to “how to get residency in Dubai”. 


You might wonder, “How long can you live in Dubai?” while there are several avenues to acquiring permanent residence in Dubai, the process requires careful planning and execution. Assessing the benefits of permanent residency in UAE against the costs and other factors is crucial.

The answer is that there is no absolute limit, provided you continue to meet the necessary conditions. Living in Dubai can be a dream come true as long as you prepare properly and have a clear understanding of the regulations.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Can I move permanently to Dubai?

Yes, moving permanently to Dubai is possible if you meet the necessary conditions. These include holding a valid work visa, having legal residency rights, and possessing vital financial resources.

  1. Can I move to Dubai without a job?

Moving to Dubai without a job can be challenging, as having a valid work visa and sufficient financial resources are critical prerequisites for permanent residency. However, options like the Investor Path and Company Registration Path may provide alternatives.

  1. How many years can I live in Dubai?

There’s no absolute time limit on how long you can live in Dubai as long as you continue to fulfill the necessary conditions for your visa and maintain your legal residency status.

  1. How can I get permanent citizenship in the UAE?

Permanent citizenship in the UAE can be achieved through several pathways, including employment, investing in property, registering a company, family sponsorship, or being a high-performing student. Each of these options requires meeting specific requirements and conditions.

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By clarifying these questions and providing a comprehensive guide, we hope to have addressed your curiosity about making Dubai your permanent residence. Remember, while Dubai offers an excellent quality of life, achieving permanent residency requires commitment, financial stability, and adherence to the country’s laws and regulations.

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