new announcement FDA united state about Covid19 Vacination

Covid Vaccine New Announcement Under Approval

The FDA (US Food and Drug Administration)shared and new strategy about the Covid19 and presented a new and easy vaccination way that makes it easy to reach maximum vaccination. The strategy is under investigation and hope will be approved soon.

There will be an easy way of vaccination and stop the old methods as 2 does first and after another booster.

Covid 19 FDA Today Strategy

This new strategy will be about the new way where adults will get the yearly vaccines and overage will get 2 times a year. There are 70% of US citizens got 2 Dose and it seems that the percentage of Covid19 decreased highly but the process was difficult to give weekly or monthly doses against Coronavirus from time to time, So the purpose of this new strategy will be very helpful, and easy for public and Government.

The dose is very helpful against many diseases and infections and protects the body and increases the power to fight against germs.

Simple Way to Protect Against Covid19

vaccine covid

If you feel any symptoms, body pain,  chest pain, weakness, or breathing problems with fever, you must follow these easy steps.

  1. Consult Doctor for flowflex covid individual test.
  2. Always Use a Face mask.
  3. Stay at Home and away from touching others.
  4. Get treatment

But some people have the flu which means just flu but for care, you must consult to Doctor and share your symptoms. There are 6,752,590+ deaths in all over the World by Corona Virus and Complete World is affected still by some cases every day today new 6 cases recorded in Maharashtra India. So Always be careful and responsive for yourself, your family, and for the other public.

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