can i live in Dubai Permantally

Can I Live in Dubai Permanently

The United Arab Emirates (UAE), specifically Dubai, is a sought-after location for entrepreneurs and families worldwide. Due to its high living standards, tax-free salaries, and cosmopolitan ambiance, Dubai is a magnet for global citizens. However, one question often lingers, “Can I live in Dubai permanently?” or “Can I move to Dubai without a job?” The straightforward answer is yes, provided certain conditions are met. This article delves into the pathways to obtaining permanent residency, the benefits of residing in Dubai, and the costs involved.

Can I Live in Dubai Permanently

 Eligibility for Permanent Residence in Dubai

To become a permanent resident in Dubai, several requirements must be fulfilled. The most common among them include a valid work visa, the legal right to live and work in the UAE, and sufficient financial resources. A job offer in the city often facilitates obtaining a resident visa and sponsorship from your employing company. Moreover, a prerequisite is proof of sufficient income to support yourself and your dependents without government assistance. Acquiring lifetime residency in Dubai requires an impeccable financial record and an absence of serious criminal convictions.

Acquiring Lifetime Residency: Pathways to Permanent Residence

How to get permanent residency in Dubai? Here are the primary pathways:

  1. Employment Visa Route: Securing a job in the UAE accelerates the process of gaining permanent residency. A minimum salary of 3,000 AED per month is required if the employer provides housing. A monthly salary of 4,000 AED is needed if the applicant owns their home.
  2. Investor Route: Purchasing real estate in Dubai offers an opportunity for self-sponsorship on a permanent visa. However, the property must be worth more than 1 million AED, and this visa does not permit the holder to work in Dubai.
  3. Company Registration Route: Establishing a business in Dubai’s free zones provides another route to residency. The wait time for obtaining a resident visa through company registration is three years.
  4. Family Visa Route: Individuals related to a foreign national already living in Dubai can apply for permanent residency.
  5. University Student Sponsor Route: The University can sponsor the application for a permanent residence visa for students studying in the UAE. 
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Benefits of Permanent Residency in the UAE

Permanent residency in the UAE comes with numerous benefits, including a high standard of living, tax-free salaries, and an exciting lifestyle. Dubai is known for its world-class infrastructure, bustling business environment, and diverse cultural scene, making it an attractive destination for global citizens.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Can I move permanently to Dubai? Yes, provided you meet the residency requirements and obtain a resident visa.
  2. How can I get a lifetime residency in Dubai? You can get lifetime residency in Dubai through various routes, including employment, investment, company registration, family sponsorship, or being a student.
  3. Can I move to Dubai without a job? Yes, there are pathways, such as the Investor Route and Company Registration Route, where a job is not required.
  4. **How many years can I live in Dubai?** There’s no absolute time limit, but with a residence visa, you can live in Dubai for at least 2 to 3 years and then renew it.


In summary, while it’s entirely feasible to live in Dubai permanently, acquiring such status is contingent upon fulfilling several requirements, such as holding a valid work visa, having legal resident status, and demonstrating ample financial resources. Dubai offers a high quality of life and a variety of pathways to achieving permanent residency, but it’s essential to understand the processes and potential costs involved. Before embarking on this journey, consider the benefits, the three years residence visa in Dubai cost, and the potential challenges, and make an informed decision about making Dubai your permanent home.

Living in Dubai permanently is a dream for many, and with the right approach and commitment, it can become a reality. A permanent visa for Dubai price, Dubai residency requirements, the cheapest residence visa in UAE, and how long you can live in Dubai must be considered. However, the benefits of permanent residency in the UAE often outweigh the challenges for many individuals.

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