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SmiHub The Best Instagram Story Viewer 2023

We can all agree that there are millions of Instagram users worldwide, thanks to its fantastic features. One of the most popular features Instagram offers is called Stories. This Story feature works like picture or video posts that disappear after 24 hours. For many people, they are the best way to keep track of their lives because it’s easy to give little glimpses into their daily lives.

However, the biggest problem with Stories is that you can’t see them unless the person you’re following decides to show them to you. So, this shortcoming could be resolved using SmiHub, which allows you to anonymously see what a particular company or a person is doing.

Alternatively, you may be curious about who is watching your Instagram story but have no idea how to do it. Now there’s no need to second-guess yourself. We’re pleased to unlock the ultimate tool for you to view the Instagram stories of your favorite accounts or even check who’s seen yours. This straightforward SmiHub Instagram viewer app allows users to watch any public Instagram Story without following the account. So, if you want to keep tabs on your ex or your favorite companies, Smi Story Viewer is the way to go.

What is SmiHub?

The SmiHub is a web service created so Instagram users can watch their favorite account’s stories in their Web browsers. Moreover, this SmiHub Instagram also works as an Instagram-tagged photo viewer. It helps users look at the Instagram accounts and Stories of those accounts they do not follow. You can even save the stories on your device without giving the site any information about you. Also, you can watch out for who has seen your Stories and view Instagram followers anonymously.

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How SmiHub Works?

It couldn’t be easier to use the Instagram viewer, SmiHub. Firstly, visit the site and type in the user’s handle to see their profile. And you’ll be taken to a page with the account’s public stories from the last 24 hours when you press Enter. Now you can see the stories and news feeds that the account holder posted.

Get Videos Using SmiHub

To save a clip from an Insta story, just hit the “get” option below the video clip. After that, you can save the video file on your hard drive. So, you can start watching the videos you’ve been missing out on right now by installing SmiHub.

Free Services

More than a simple microblogging platform to view Instagram stories anonymously, SmiHub provides you free services any time you want. Moreover, this app helps you look at the profiles of people worldwide without anyone knowing. Also, on your laptop or mobile device, you can read articles, look at pictures, and save video stories.

Ease of Working

SmiHub’s popularity may be due to how easily people use it. As to viewing Instagram stories anonymously, SmiHub needs only the users’ account names to do the real magic for you. Moreover, the unique look of the service hasn’t changed much over time. For example, the logo’s focus on big, bold shapes and bright colors has stayed the same.

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Salient Features of SmiHub

Because it has so many valuable features, SmiHub is the best way to watch Instagram Stories:

  • With this Smi story viewer, you don’t have to follow the user to see their stories.
  • You can read any public story; even if it comes from an account, you don’t follow.
  • You can use it without having to pay anything!
  • To use it, all the user has to do is enter their login information.
  • All you need is an Instagram account that is open to the public.

Then why do you wait? Today is the day to go to SmiHub (the best Instagram-tagged photo viewer) and look through any user’s stories.

Advantages of Using SmiHub

There are many reasons to use SmiHub, such as:

  • It’s super easy to use.
  • There are no extra fees or costs.
  • You don’t have to follow someone on Instagram to see their public story.
  • You can track your dreams without telling anyone about them.
  • You won’t need much time to get benefit from this tool.

Then why do you wait? Visit SmiHub to see all the Instagram stories you might have missed.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is SmiHub easy to use?

Yes, it is a breeze to use SmiHub! Type the Instagram user’s name into the search field and press the Enter key to access their profile. The user may then read or watch the stories of the given account in complete privacy.

Is it safe to use SmiHub?

Yes, for your peace of mind, it is entirely secure. Any information you provide to Smi will remain strictly confidential.

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Is SmiHub free?

Yes! SmiHub doesn’t charge anything for what it provides you. Neither any information about money is needed at all.

Which Instagram stories can I see with SmiHub? 

You can only see the Instagram stories with SmiHub that are public. Those that are private will not be visible to you.


That’s all it takes to see Instagram stories without following the accounts. Moreover, with this fantastic SmiHub, you can watch any public article. So, do yourself a favor and try this cool web service; we bet you won’t regret it.

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