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Today 1st Thailand Lottery Result Online

Thai Lottery Result today live 1-1-2024 with complete Chart. Get your winning amount at the right time. نتيجة اليانصيب التايلاندية اليوم تحقق مباشر هنا Thailand Lotto Result from Head office of Government Head office Thailand. Most public search for Thai lottery from Saudi Arabia and the USA. Mostly 2 draw Thai and UAE people play to draw to win.
اليوم ينتج اليانصيب التايلاندي تفاصيل حية كاملة من المكتب الرئيسي لليانصيب التايلاندي

There are many right ways to choose the best one for their success. The Thai Lottery is a Government and Legal lottery in Thailand and an opportunity for those who want to become rich within a short time and most are making their lifestyle well after getting the winning amount.

Check the latest guess papers numbers Thai lottery 1234 which helps much with guessing the winning numbers because many winners guess ideas from the winners’ papers and Thailand formula.

ผลสลากกินแบ่งไทยล่าสุดวันนี้และรายละเอียดหมายเลขที่ออกทั้งหมด หวยรัฐบาลไทย
Result Thai Lottery Live 1st January 2024

نتيجة سحب اليانصيب التايلاندية اليوم نتيجة واحدة

Thai lottery results today live complete chart here. You can follow us on our Facebook page for guess numbers of all the Thai lottery draw’s free winning tips for win. result in the Thai lottery here.


Thai Lottery Result Chart 2023 Full List

Full list Thai lottery result chart 2023 latest winners numbers of all the prizes today check here.

How To Check Thai Lottery Result

There is no difficult way to get a live online result. We are posting before or after getting from the head office of Thailand Lottery. There is a complete chart of 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, and 5th results so there is no problem checking all the winner numbers of today’s lucky draw. You need to check daily base for winners’ detail and guess numbers for the lucky coming draw.

We are also sharing the pending draw here. All the Thai lottery results and Thai government Lottery result uploading here.

Thai Lottery

The Thailand Government lottery is a legal lottery from the Government of Thailand. The ratio of the game is 60% in the world. There are 77 Million Thai baht spent from starting time. This is a great opportunity for those who want to become instant millionaires. You just need to buy a lottery ticket and wait for the result. If your lottery ticket’s numbers match, congratulation you are a winner and you will get the prize amount in Thailand Baht currency.

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Rules and Conditions Thai Lottery

If you are 18+ and there is no restriction on Lottery in your country, you enter the Thai lottery today with a Thai lottery ticket. you can read the terms and conditions in the following image completely.

  • Ticket owners can claim prize claims.
  • Must claim your prize within 2 years from the winning date otherwise, the amount will be transferred to charities.
  • The Thai lotto ticket prize is 80 baht and no one can claim more than the original price so it depends upon you to buy from a bank, head office, or wholesaler.
  • bring your original ticket at the time of prize claim with all original documents like a national identity card.
  • You must be at least 20 years

These are the easy rules where anyone can play and win the Thailand lottery and make their lifestyle better than past. The detail about the lottery is here with updates so you can check here and start to participate in the latest coming draw.

rules and condition of Thai lottery

Winning result today Thai Lottery game

If you have a lottery ticket and 4 numbers on the ticket are matching with the winning numbers, it means you won 4th up, and if 3 numbers then 3up, if 2 numbers match, it means you won 2up,  if the complete 6 numbers match, you win First Prize.

Prize Detail of Thai Lottery

Let’s check the prize details of the Thailand Lottery. Here you will be guided completely. Check the below chart and see all the prize numbers and winning amounts in Thai Baht currency.

Thai lottery prize detail

You can also check the price detail of the Thai lottery below the table with detail.

Prize Numbers Quantity Winning Amount ( Baht )
1st 1 6000000
2nd 5 200000
3rd 10 80000
4th 50 40000
5th 100 20000
Extra Prizes – Closest to 1st Prize 2 100000
 3 Digits: 02 Times draw 2000 4000
Last 3Digits: Draw 02 Times draw 2000 4000
2 Digits: Draw 1 Time draw 10000 2000

How Buy Thai Lottery Tickets?

It is easy to process to buy a Thailand Lottery ticket. You can buy it online and you can also get it from Thai head office. There are many dealers they are selling but mostly they are offering high prices. This is a legal lottery. The original prize is 40 Baths and you can buy many tickets if you want.

Types of Thai Lottery Tickets

2 types of Thai lottery tickets is the Government (TGL and 2nd is charity Thai lottery). The prize of 6 Million baht for the 1st winner and 30 million bonus prize and 0.5% tax. you can easily buy these tickets from the market whole sellers and the bank. The prize is 80 baht and easy to process the lotto.

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What is Thai Lottery 3up?

Thai Lottery 3up or Thai Lottery 123 means if your lottery ticket 3 numbers are matching with the last three winning numbers, you win.

How is the Thailand Lottery draw held?

It is held by colored balls.

Yellow ball—–1

Pink Ball——-2

Green Ball—–3

Blue Ball——-4

and the last blue is for 5th

How we can guess about winning numbers?

There are many ways to guess about anything, the same is the case here. Thai lottery papers are very helpful for guests winning numbers for and drawing and most of the winners experience of this but there are some persons who are offering paid papers and sharing normal papers. So it depends upon you after analyzing different places choose the best one and get an idea of the winning number for any upcoming draw.

How To Win Thai Lottery

This is a luck-based lotto game where winning numbers are picked randomly by a machine and no one can claim about the winning numbers. There are some ways where you can increase your winning chances and get Thai baht.

First, you need to participate in each draw biweekly and get more tickets with different serials and check guess papers because many winners shared that they were getting winning numbers to guess about guess papers but some paid people also in the market, and they just want to money and giving fake ideas. So we are uploading guess numbers papers of trusted people for free and you can check on each draw the latest guess papers on this site.

Prize Claiming

5 Minutes: General Inquiry for 5 minutes

15 Minutes: Claim Prizes for 15 minutes

Claim the First Prize for 30 minutes

48 Minutes: Claim Prizes for 48 minutes

2 Hours: Claim Prizes within 2 hours

How to Claim Thailand Lottery Prize Money in 2023 (GLO)

Congratulations on winning the Thailand lottery today to achieve your dream with this money and live a happy life. If you want to know how you can get or claim the Thai lottery lotto prize amount, Follow here step by step.

You must bring the entire document for the claim.

  • Original Lottery Ticket and signature on their backside.
  • Identification Card

Visit in Thailand lottery head office Sanambinnam Branch, G Floor, 359 Nonthaburi Road, Thasai, Mueang Nonthaburi, Nonthaburi.

  •  You can get in cash if not more than 20,000 Baht and tax will be cut which is 0.50% and 1% on the Thai Charity lotto.
  • If the Prize money is more than 20,000 Thai baht, you will get a check and receive money from a Thailand bank.
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1/06/2566  نتيجة لوتو التايلاندية Thailand Lottery Result Today

All the results of the latest and previous draws of the Thai lottery will be published on this page with all the latest updates and lucky winning numbers. The numbers are randomly from the latest technology machine so don’t pay to anyone win the lottery because many guessers are asking for money. We are sharing free help on so if you need guess numbers, you can easily check them without paying.

History of GLO Lottery:

The Government Thailand Lottery ticket holders were 14000+ since 2015 and tickets were sold to wholesalers so that people can buy from them.

After that new announcement about the purchase of Thai lottery tickets that buy from Thailand Bank Krung and nearly about 74000000 tickets were printed for 1 draw. The revenue is about 60 percent by Govt for the prize amount.

The lottery was used for many advantages at different times, in the First World War the draw was held for financial benefits, and in 1932 it was used for social benefits. During the low economic conditions in Thailand, the lottery was used to cover problems

In 1929, the Thailand economic department set up a lotto board and in 1929 it took control. The ticket price is used for different charities, education scholarships, public welfare, and for the country’s benefit. There are 15 plus million tickets for each draw and 1 ticket price is 80 Baht which is the biggest income source for the government.

This luck base attracts everyone because of the prizes so try to participate in each draw and get more tickets so that one day you will be a winner. The draw is held biweekly and the 33 million baht winning amount is on each draw.

If you win you can claim your prize amount within 2 years and if not get it within the period, the amount will be transferred to the charities.

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Frequently Ask Questions?

a) Can foreigners play the Thai Lottery com?

Yes, If over 20 years of age

b) From where i can buy a Thai lottery ticket?

You can buy from Thailand Bank Krung and other wholesalers but we recommend buying from Krung.

c) Is Thailand Lottery legal?

Yes, it is legal, and all the procedures work by the government.

How To Win Thai Lottery?

buy tickets from the market and wait till the result. try to buy tickets with the numbers of your lucky numbers because it is a luck-based game.

What time Thai lotto draw held?

The draw is held each month on the 1st and 16th at 14:00 PM

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