easy6 result today draw emirates 3 februardy 2023 sunday

Easy6 Result Today Online Live 3-2-2023 – Emirates Draw

Check Today Emirates draw easy six results with all the winners, first and raffle 6 winners with all the winner’s numbers and id detail.

Today’s latest Result Emirates draw Easy6  is All winner’s numbers and names with detail. Emirates Draw Easy6 today Sunday now at 9 PM.  This is the easy lottery in UAE and an easy chance to win today’s lottery. All prices work online through the machine.

Emirates Draw Easy 6 Result Today 3 February 2023

First Main Draw: 

Raffle Draw AED 15,000 Each: 

  • 13 | 33 | 24 | 11 | 21 | 19

Today 6 winners will get an amount of  15,000AED. Check the easy6 prize detail weekly held every week. Easy is an easy way for the public to spend a little like AED15 and buy a pencil and support a social program, and the grand prize will be AED10,000,000. This draw will be held on every Friday at the same time 9:00 PM from 30th September 2022.

If you are new and want to enter this lottery, you need to know how to play Emirates Draw.

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