What Is Lottery and how It Work 2023

The lottery is a type of gambling and it works in different ways. Every country has its own process of participation, draw time, ticket price, prize amount and terms, and conditions. Some countries’ lotteries are legal like the Thai lottery, Emirates draw, Mahzooz draws, etc. Sharia law prohibited any type of lottery but the Dubai law department announces that it is not against any rule and the ticket money is spent on charity work like cancer patient treatment.

World Famous Lotteries

Thai lottery

The Thai lottery is a Government lottery of Thailand. The draw of the Thailand lottery held 2 times in a month and prize winners got millions of Thai baht.

Emirates Draw

Emirates draw is a lottery of UAE, held every week on Sunday. This is the biggest lottery and 1st winners get AED 10 Million which is a huge amount. The 2nd prize name(Raffle) where 7 winners get AED 15000 Dirhams.

Mahzooz Draw

Mahzooz draw is a UAE lottery held weekly base on every Saturday. The 1st prize amount is AED10 million. The 2nd prize name (Raffle) where 3 lucky winners get 100,000 UAE Dirhams.

Mega Millions

World’s biggest lottery in the United State Of America for 45 states. The 1st Prize of Mega Million is $426 million USD. It starts from $ 2.50 USD and if you do win, your money will not be lost, it will be for the next draw and it will be used for 24 draws.

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Easy6 Emirates Draw

Emirates draw Easy 6 is a weekly draw held on every Friday in UAE. There are 6 prizes. There will be 6 Guaranteed winners who will win AED 15000 each. You can get results easy6 live draw and see the latest winners every week.

France Lotto

France’s national lotto is legally launched in 1976, The draw of this lotto is held on 3 times a week. You can participate if you are over 18 years old. First, you need to buy a ticket for €2.20 per line online or from wholesalers. The first prize winner will get €100,000. 

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