Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey

The 10 Best Rides At Universal Studios Hollywood 2023

Universal Hollywood studios are explained as film studios found in San Fernando Valley. If we talk about the Hollywood studios, around 70%, exist in the universal city, while the rest of them comes on the premises of Los Angeles.

Universal Studios are considered one of the oldest studios in Hollywood. Tourists still used it. It universal studios were first developed on 15 July 1964. But it wasn’t much attractive at that time nor did it offer any roller coaster or dark ride. In the 1990’s it becomes evolved. In this article, we are explaining some of the fantastic rides at universal studios.

The 10 Best Rides At Universal Studios Hollywood 2022

The 10 Best Rides At Universal Studios Hollywood 2023

Let’s discuss below the top ten rides at universal studios Hollywood.

1. Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey

Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey

Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey is considered one of the best rides at universal studios Hollywood. This ride gains attraction from tourists. It’s found inside the Hogwarts Castle.

Firstly Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey are presented in the theme of Wizarding World at Orlando’s Island of Adventure. Then after some modification and advancement, it is presented in its 3D version. But due to its 3D imagery, the riders were experiencing nausea and motion sickness, due to which its 3D version had been removed. It is one of the adventurous rides at the universal studios and people love to take this ride and enjoy it.

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2. Studio Tour

Studio Tour Hollywood studio

This ride is also considered one of the amazing rides and comes on the list of top ten best rides at universal studios. Many people wanted to take this 60 minutes ride. Here you may have gotten the chance to visit some celebrities. If it won’t possible but you’ll take a ride and tour on some of the famous sets in the Hollywood film industry.

This tour provides you with an amazing experience and maintains a balance between remote and ultra-modern characteristics like the remake of Jurassic World and War of the World. Moreover, during this impressive ride, the riders experience the flood, earthquake, and other real effects which are highly astonishing. This ride is very entertaining for its passengers and makes them happy.

3. The Transformers 3D Ride

The Transformers 3D Ride

It is an amazing ride with flight technology. This ride amazed its passenger through its advanced technology and 3D screen. It takes its rider into the world of Michael Bay. The transformer ride’s action is highly energetic and gleaming. This ride is highly appreciated by its passengers.

4. King Kong 360 3D

King Kong 360 3D

King Kong is one of the amazing simulator rides in the list of top ten best rides at universal studios. This ride mainly consists of a tunnel ride. In this ride, a rider experiences a tunnel ride while entering the tunnel with a base platform.

Trams move in any direction in this ride but do not move very fastly or more than a few inches. The passengers enjoy this King Kong ride with a 360 3D version. Moreover, this ride highlights the studio tour.

5. The Simpson Ride

The Simpson Ride

The Simpson Ride is highly attractive to the passengers. This ride is one of the most colorful rides of universal studios Hollywood. In this ride, you visit the colorful town of Springfield. It has a roller coaster ride and park run by a clown.

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While entering into the Krusty land, you will experience a spin rotated, up and down motion ride. It is so mesmerizing until the rider is hijacked by the clown and Simpson saved them. You feel like you are completely immersed in that show.

6. Despicable Me Minion Mayhem

Despicable Me Minion Mayhem

This ride is super fun with these amazing characters, including Margo, Agnes, and Edith. Despicable Me Minion Mayhem is a very naughty and cute character, and for its training, Gru called guests at his place.

When all the guests arrived, Gru sprayed on them using a spray gun. As a result of this, all guests converted into little cute yellow minions. Gru planned to make them minions. This is a very adventurous ride for the family with highly impressive graphics. If you are a fan of minions you will enjoy this heartwarming ride with your family.

7. Revenge Of The Mummy

Revenge Of The Mummy

Revenge of the Mummy is an amazing ride at universal studios. It has many surprises and thrilling moments for its passengers. This tour consists of a dark ride with a roller coaster experience. You will definitely enjoy and chill its roller coaster amazing moment with your friends and family.

8. The Secret Life Of Pets: Off the Leash

The Secret Life Of Pets Off the Leash

The Secret Life Of Pets is the very latest ride at universal studio Hollywood for tourists and passengers. Its inauguration is recently done last year. This ride is based on an amazing animated movie series. Here’s a transformation of passengers occur into puppies in a dark ride.

This ride is beautifully adored by its fans especially the child due to its amazing carton pet characters. It’s not a very fast ride. In this ride, all the puppies send to the pet store for adoption. This ride is highly frenetic and thrilled for its passengers. People of every age enjoy this ride, especially the kids who love it.

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9. WaterWorld


WaterWorld is not just a ride but  a show. This show is based on an old movie released in 1995 named bomb. It is based on thrilling scenes. Unfortunately, this movie was completely flopped but thrilled and fascinated the viewers for several years.

This show has various explosive effects. The universal studios itself accepted this show as an amazing show and considered it as no 1 ride. It is considered one of the most exciting shows with special stunts including pyrotechnic and massive explosions.

10. Flight Of The Hippogriff

Flight Of The Hippogriff

This is one of the perfect roller coasters rides at universal studios Hollywood. It is a very family-friendly ride and you can enjoy it with your family. It’s a fantastic ride with magical thrills in the Wizarding World. You will find amazing tiny magical creatures outside the castle.

But before knowing this ride a very important question is raised in your mind what is Hippogriff? Here’s the answer Hippogriff is a cute magical creature with an eagle head. The body of the Hippogriff is just like a horse’s body with beautiful wings.

Questions about Hollywood ride studio

Here we are mentioning some frequently asked questions regarding the best rides of universal studios.

  1. How many universal studios rides in Hollywood?

There are several rides of universal studios in Hollywood. They are listed as under:

  • Waterworld
  • Flight of the Hippogriff
  • The secret life of pets
  • Revenge of the mummy
  • The Simpson Ride
  • King Kong 360 Ride
  • Despicable Me Minion Mayhem
  • Studio Tour
  • Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey


  1. How many parks of universal studios have?

There are 3 main theme parks for universal studios including:

  • Universal Studios Hollywood in California
  • Universal Studios Hollywood in Florida
  • Universal’s Islands of Adventure in Florida

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