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Who Is Morgan Freeman Complete Information 2023

Morgan Freeman is one of the famous names in the Hollywood film industry. He performed his role as an actor, director, and a good narrator as well. He performed in several movies and television series and gave outstanding performances. He is very famous among his followers due to his incredible acting skills. He is an amazingly versatile actor with great humor. He is considered one of the famous American actors and directors.

American actor, director, and narrator Hollywood

Name Morgan Freeman
Full Real Name Morgan Porterfield Freeman Jr.
Nickname No
Gender Male
Date Of Birth 1 June 1927
Age 85 years in 2023
Profession  American actor, director, narrator and a Pilot
Mother Tongue English
Religion Zoroastrianism
Nationality American
Caste Not Known
Zodiac Sign Gemini AT
Height / Weight 1.8m / 79kg
First Movie A Man Called Adam
Debut Film: A Man Called Adam
Eye Color Dark Brown
Hair color Gray
Birth place Memphis, Tennessee, United States
Language English & French
Education Doctor of Humane
Hollywood Career 2003
Father Morgan Porterfield Freeman
Mother Mayme Edna Revere
wife Myrna Colley-Lee and Jeanette Adair Bradshaw
Marital Status Married
Siblings 3
Occupation Actor; director; producer; narrator

Morgan Freeman Net worth

Name Emma Watson
Net Worth (2023) $280Million
Profession Actor
Monthly Income And Salary $2Million +
Yearly Income $20 Million +
Last Updated 2023
  • Birth Date, Birth Place, And Age:

Morgan Freeman was born in Memphis, U.S. on the 1st of June 1937. His age is 84 years.

  • Height:

The height of Morgan Freeman is 1.88 m tall.

  • Education:

Morgan Freeman was born in the U.S. He received his basic education from Broad Street High School and then graduated in 1955. Then he received a drama scholarship from Jackson State University.

  • Early Life:

He is the son of Morgan Porterfield Freeman. He has 3 siblings. His DNA test proves that he belongs to African Ancestors. His father is a barber and his mother is a teacher

  • Spouse:

He has 2 wives named Jeanette Adair Bradshaw and Myrna Colley Lee.

Morgan freeman wive

Jeanette Adair Bradshaw:

Jeanette Adair Bradshaw Morgan freeman wife

Jeanette Bradshaw was born in 1940. Her birthplace is the U.S. While Morgan Freeman was born in 1937. In this way, Morgan is younger than Jeanette. They got married on 22 October 1967. At the time of their wedding Morgan was not so much stable and started his career as a dancer.

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They had amazing chemistry and understanding for about 12 years. After that, they separated and got divorced on 19 November 1979. They had a child named Morgana Freeman. After divorce, the couple never revealed the reason for divorce and kept as a secret.

Myrna Colley Lee:

Myrna Colley Lee morgan freeman wife

After divorce, Morgan Freeman tied the knot 2nd time with Myrna Colley Lee in 1984. They lived together for about 26 years. They had amazing chemistry and marital relationship. They don’t have any biological children. They got divorced in 2010

  • Children:

He has 4 children named Alfonso Freeman, Deena Freeman, Morgana Freeman, and Saifoulaye Freeman.

  • Early Work:

Initially, he started his working career as a dancer at the world fair in 1964. He also performed in a television show titled “ The Electric Company”. From this television show, he got fame among audiences and got financial stability as well. His first feature movie was “Who Says I Can’t Ride a Rainbow”, his first family drama was Jug Klugman. He also performed in the theater as well.

  • Acting Career:

At the start of his career, he wanted to become a fighter pilot but when he can’t get enter into it. Then he decided to pursue his career in the acting field. He started his acting career with a Broadway debut in 1967.

He worked in a movie called Brubaker and got amazing reviews from his fans. His famous movies included Driving Miss Daisy, Unforgiven, Glory, Clint East Wood’s Million Dollar Baby. He also worked for different television series including crime dramas like Kiss the Girls, The sum of all fears, and Along came a spider.

He also performed an incredible role in movies including The Dark Knight, The Dark Knight Rises.

  • Hollywood Breakthrough:

Morgan freeman Hollywood career

He got a Hollywood breakthrough from 4 movies that were released including Glory and American Civil War. He was also praised for writing “ The Washington Post “. His third Biographic drama includes” Lean on me”.

  • Worked As A Director:
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In 1993 Freeman made his debut as a director for the drama Bopha. In 1994 he become a jury member of the 44th Berlin International Film Festival.

  • Worked As A Producer:

He also started his production company as a producer named “Revelations Entertainment”.

  • Worked As A Narrator:

In 1997 he narrated “The Long Way Home” which was an award-winning documentary of that time about Jewish refugees.

  • Nomination:

Due to his outstanding performances, he got nominated for Academy Awards several times and was also nominated for the Best Actor Oscar award. Apart from this, he was also nominated for MTV Awards, Black Reel Awards, and NACCP Awards as well

  • Awards:

He gave his incredible performances in many box office and blockbuster movies and won many awards. He is the recipient of several accolades including:

  • Academy Award for best supporting actor role in 2004
  • Screen Actors Guild Award for outstanding actor in 2004
  • Golden Globe Award for best actor in 1989
  • Kennedy Center honor for lifetime achievement in acting in 2008
  • AFI Life Achievement Award lifetime achievement award in 2011
  • Cecil B. DeMille Award lifetime achievement award in 2012
  • Screen Actors Guild Life Achievement Award in 2018
  • Obie Awards for his theatrical productions
  • Black Reel Award for best actor in 2009
  • Black Reel Award for best performance in 2015
  • NACCP Image Awards for outstanding actor in 1989


  • Other Activities:

He worked as an activist for environmental issues. He also worked as a political activist and raised his voice against racism.

  • Statement For Covid Vaccination:

He encourages people to vaccination of Covid by saying:

“I’m not a doctor, but I trust science. And I’m told that, for some reason, people trust me. So here I am to say I trust science and I got the vaccine.”

  • His Contribution To Honey Bees:

Morgan freeman Honey Bee

One of his best serving and life lessons for humanity is that he donates his 124 acres of ranch for honey bees’ survival home. He thought Honeybees provide honey for us which is our major component of food, it’s necessary to protect them. In this way, he decides to donate his ranch for their survival.

  • His Major Interest:
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Morgan Freeman has an interest in several fields including cooking, acting, flying, and so on.


He is a very famous actor and loves acting in the Top Hollywood actors. He performed so well in several movies with his outstanding acting skills. Many people told him to get some highly paid job. But he ignores everyone and starts acting and continuing his passion.


He loves cooking, watching recipes on the food channels, and owning restaurants.  He is s very good cook and does an experiment with new recipes. He even co-owns several restaurants.


He had a keen interest in flying. He wanted to become a fighter pilot but unfortunately, he couldn’t be selected and made his career in the acting field.

  • His favorite activity:

His favorite activity includes cooking, watching recipes, and owning restaurants.

  • Always Update His Social Media Account:

Morgan Freeman is very active on social media and always updates his Facebook account and posts there frequently.


1. What are the 3 facts about Morgan’s life?

  •  He is the best beekeeper.
  • He narrated the first movie named Shawshank.
  • He has paralysis in his left hand.

2. Through which qualities did Morgan Freeman become famous?

The qualities of Morgan Freeman are described as under:

  • He is very confident
  • He is very hardworking
  • He has many leadership qualities including focus, resilience, etc

3. Through which disease Morgan Freeman is suffering?

Morgan Freeman is suffering from Fibromyalgia

“It is defined as a chronic condition in which a person has severe pain and tenderness in muscles and joints”.

4. When did Morgan Freeman Famous?

In 1970 his role children’s television series and earn Obie Award and became famous in the age of 33.

5. What disease does Morgan Freeman Have?

fibromyalgia in a car accident in 2009

  • Conclusion:

It is concluded that if you want to read about the life of Morgan Freeman then you are in right place for searching. Here’s you will get detailed knowledge about his lifestyle, career, education, marital life, movies, and so on.

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