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Mahzooz Awareness| Scam and Fraud Protection

There are many ways in which people use different ways for fraud and scams. So just follow this article about fraud protection in Mahzooz. Most scammers use your contact number, and email or send messages from websites whose names are matching with the official site.

Mahzooz Fraud Protection. Don’t Share Personal Detail with anyone.

The scammers want to get money and ask for login detail and personal detail and after that by using your personal detail, Withdraw your account amount to another account.  Never share your personal detail like login, phone number, CNIC, or other personal information with any unknown. Some people ask that you win a prize and we need your verification so for this purpose we will send you a code and by this code, you will be verified, so never do this. Mahzooz prize money automatically adds to your account and if the prize amount is high, You must visit UAE and get it from the bank.

Mostly Scammers design websites same to mahzooz official site “” make look the same and after that start fraud in this way. So be aware of this way and always be secure.

The official website is and real contact information is here and you will get all notifications from these contacts.
+971 4 571 3410 from outside the UAE (or email

This is a very helpful post for those who are participating in mahzooz.


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