How to Play Emirates Draw

How to Play Emirates Draw Step by Step 2023

Have you dreamed to win Emirates draw but you don’t know how to play and how it works? Don’t worry; here is complete detail step by step from basic to end. You need to read the complete post so that you understand the complete process of this Lottery. If you are 18 years old or over and you agree with the game rules of the Emirates lottery, it is good news for you that you can enter.

طريقة اللعب لدولة الإمارات رسم الإمارات

How to Play Emirates Draw and Enter Newbie-UAE

You need to read this section and follow step by step if you are new and want to enter the Emirates draw.

كيف أدخل في سحب الإمارات


First, you need to register yourself to play the Emirates draw with real personal information because prizes will be issued on the information.

Buy Coral Polyp and Select Numbers

You need to purchase online Coral Polyp 50 Dirhams from here which is a safe way for the weekly draws.  After that, you need to select any 7 numbers online and that numbers will be locked after selection then you need to wait for the Emirates draw result if your selected numbers match the winning numbers, it means you are a winner. There are 7 winners selected for every draw.

How to Buy Emirates Draw Tickets

First, open your account by login Emirates Draw after registration, and then you need to purchase from there by using a Credit card. You can also use Emirates Draw Promo Codes and get Coupons. get more detail from where one gets an Emirates ticket.

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Approved Information

After all, you will get confirmation from the head office by email.

How I will get a prize after winning

You will get the prize amount in your electronic wallet that will be your account after registration and there is no worry about the electric wallet because it saves no worry there.

Purpose of the Emirates Draw?

How enter in Emirates draw

The question is why UAE start a lottery?

It is CRS focused organization that wants to be a better lifestyle for the UAE community. When someone will win this lotto, he/she will get a huge amount of money and he will be rich, that is the main purpose of the UAE Emirates draw prize. You can check the previous winners list that who is the biggest winner of the previous draw. It is the biggest draw in UAE and offers 77,777,777 Dirham. If you are over 18, your 1st-time entry will be free and you can win if your numbers match with winning numbers. You can read Emirates Draw reviews from the previous winners.

Another easy step from Emirates about the Emirates’ draw app which is helpful and you can use on android and pc for getting easy information and any draw.


You can start from today for the next draw because all the steps have been described step by step. If you need any help, you can ask through Contact Us page.

Faqs about Emirates Draw lotto

a. How to play Emirates Draw?

Follow steps from this webpage

b. How to buy Emirates Draw?

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go to, log in to your account and then buy.

c. How much does Emirates draw?


d. How does the Emirates Draw work?

weekly online draw through a machine that mixes the ball and randomly selects numbers.

E. How do I withdraw money from UAE Raffle?
You can withdraw after the validation of your information into your band.
F. How do i unlock my account?
you need to contact customer support
G. Is Emirates Draw Halaal or Haram?
Emirates Draw is Halaal and the general authority of Islamic affairs in Abu Dhabi approved halaal.


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