how create mahzooz account

How to Mahzooz Account Create 2023 Step By Step

Mahzooz is a lottery for the public to participate in and win Millions of UAE Dirhams. You can make your lifestyle better and achieve your life goal. If you want to live economic-free life then you must try to play time Mahzooz draw and win a huge amount of Prize money.

Mahzooz draw is a weekly draw and you can play weekly. If you don’t know how you can do this, don’t worry, read this article, and start your happy life career.


Account Creation Mahzooz Draw Step By Step 2023

  1. Create an account with original personal detail
  2. Login account
  3. Buy a ticket (buy water bottles that are donation makes you eligible for Mahzooz draw (1-time Raffle and Grand Draw
  4. Use your credit or debit card for buying water bottles.
  5. Select 5 numbers in line 1 which you want and you can play for multiple lines.
  6. Click on Add to Cart button

Eligibility for Mahzooz draw Lottery

  • If you are 18 Years old.
  • If you are not Government employees or shareholders of Mahzooz draw

If you are eligible and you are satisfied that you are over 18 years old and not a Government employee and not shareholder of Mahzooz, you should start today.

After all this easy process you will get a confirmation MESSAGE on mobile numbers (which you added during the account creation) or email notification ( which you added during the account creation.

Now you need to wait for Mahzooz draw result and I hope you will be a winner.



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