How to Buy Emirates Ticket from a real place with Guidelines 2022

How to Buy Emirates Draw Ticket from a real place with Guidelines 2023

Always choose a trusted and real place when you buy and sell anything same here, Here is complete detail about how to buy Emirates Draw tickets from the right place and how it works. Complete information and detailed process of buying and working step by step from start to end
The price of 1 Emirates lottery ticket or reef poly is 50 Dirhams.

The complete process of Buy Emirates Draw Tickets 2023

If you are new, you need to register yourself from

Account Login

First, you need to log in to your account with the user name and password which you added when creating the account.

Buy Ticket

After login into your account, you need to use your credit or debit card to buy Emirates tickets online by clicking on the right tabs which will be like buy, purchase or get tickets.

Enter your Game Numbers

After purchasing tickets you need to enter numbers for draw. There will be numbers from 0-9 and you need to add 7 numbers from that. After that game will be locked and you can check live Emirates lottery draw winning numbers and match your added numbers, if they are matching, it means you win the Emirates draw. You can also use the “Quick Pick” button if a specific number is not accessible. you need to read the game rules before starting practical work.

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Purchased Done

You will receive an email after buying the Emirates Draw ticket for confirmation.


You will see the result and win if your selected numbers will match the winning numbers and you will get a prize in your online wallet (your account), there you can withdraw the emirates prize to your bank account.

Coupon and scanning process

You can also use coupons for the raffle draw/Emirates draw. You can get a discount on the purchase by using the code (16 digits discount code). You have another way which is QR code scanning. You can use coupons by clicking on add coupons.  You need to click there and the code will be automatically generated and you need to in purchasing page for a discount. And after all the processes you will receive the final confirmation code that will be your last work and then you need to wait for the result and see it there. You will get a notification of winners on each draw and the prize amount will be added there to their online wallet.

How Emirates Draw works

how purchase emirates draw ticket

It works through using a modern technology machine that mixes 9 balls and picks numbers from them, You can watch all the live draws here every Sunday at 9 PM UAE time.

The winners will get 777,777 AED in their online wallet (Emirates account, which was created during registration)

Emirates Draw Tip and Tricks How I win Emirates Draw

We can just give you suggestions but not correct winning numbers detail, this technique used by many winners and won, it depends upon luck also.

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You need to enter numbers in different ways. Like from 1st to end the end to 1st (but only 7 numbers allow). I hope it will work for you.


a. Where to buy the Emirates Draw coupon?

You can get it from Bounz

b. Where can i buy emirates draw tickets?

You can buy Emirates lucky draw by online there

C. What is the emirate’s draw ticket price?

50 Dihrams


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