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Emirates Draw Good News AED 200 million grand prize announced

The Grand Emirates draw a new announcement about the 200 Million Emirati Dirhams prize amount on the draw on the 1st of January 2023. Christmas gift lifetime 2 chances to win AED 200 million dirhams is a huge amount and a dream achievement ad this will be divided among 20 winners. You need to get Emirates tickets ASAP. It announced by social media  RJ Abhijeet

UAE Good News about Emirates Draw

The UAE is always attractive in the mind of the public and still announced the latest draw of 200 million.  It was announced by RJ Abhijeet, a social media Ambassador from Radio FM4. tHERE ARE 6385 already winners who got a prize amount of 547462 AED from the Emirates draw.

Emirates Draw Latest Prize Amount of 200 million UAE Dirhams

A lucky Indian won AED15 million in December 2023. The social media ambassador held an event and increase the amount to 200 million UAE Dirhams.

The little and easy way is easy6, in which you can earn Dh15 million and their raffle prize amount is Dh15000 in a weekly draw, spend AED15, buy a ticket and wait till Emirates results.

There will be 19 winners of the Grand mega 7 draw and the prize amount is AED 77,777.


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