Emirate Draw Game Rules latest 2023 Term & Coditions

Every game has some rule and regulation on which base the process run, same is here, Emirates draw Raffle and ball draw games has term and conditions. All the rules and term has been explained here in this article. If you are new and don’t know much about the Emirates draw rule, you must read this article. What you need to enter in the Emirate draw Lotto Term and Condition

Latest Game rules and terms & Conditions of Emirate Draw 2023
Emirates draw game rules

Service Fee

You need to buy a ticket that will cost 50 Dirhams. You can also check the latest price of Emirates tickets. You will get free entry in the draw. for detail, on how to buy an Emirates draw ticket

What are the Eligibility Criteria

If you want to enter the Emirates draw, you must follow these steps, otherwise, you cannot perform.

Age:  You must be 18 years old when you will buy the Ticket

Family matter:    You can do this if your family does not stop you to do this legally.

Prohibitive: You can not play if you are an employee, member of Emirates draw, 3rd Party or family member in the Emirates draw department.

Can we refund after entering the credits?

No, If you already click on the “enter game” It will not return. You will have control over your credits, which will be cut from your Balance.

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You will be informed by email (which you already entered there) and you can get a message if accepted.

Draw Schedule

Every Sunday at 7:00 pm UAE time(GST) draw (A raffle and Ball draw) is held.

Emirates Draw Machine-Latest Technology

The draw is held live and watched from all over the World by generating random numbers and lucky people win Draw. The draw is held by a manager or by a Government member.

If anything is suspected during the draw time, then the draw will be held again at the same time.

After all, the list of winning numbers publishes on different platforms like Emirates draw YouTube live results. You will not be deserved the prize if the announcement mistakenly publishes different numbers because it is all done from the Emirates draw office.

Winning numbers will be verified from the Emirates lotto’s main office.

Emirates Draw prize

You can get 1 prize if you win, for example, if you win the 5th prize you will get only that 5th, not other prizes, further winner numbers can be used where Emirates owners want (in Raffle or Ball Draw). All prizes will be around 1 Dirham.

Emirates will investigate the winner before paying him the reward and that is very helpful for saving from any scam.


All process work under the rule of Emirates draw and on the account base and the Emirates draw official is not responsible if you are account is used by another one. There is no Interest or extra tax fee.

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