how buy mahzooz card by cash and online in Dubai

How to Buy Mahzooz Card in Dubai 2023 Complete Process

This is a very easy process of buying a Mahzooz card in UAE Dubai. You can find Kiosk equipped mahzooz draw machine. You can buy by cash before creating mahzooz account from the site which is near the Kiosk. You can also buy credits ad use them for Mahzooz daw. There is no issue or fraud in this process.

The draw is held weekly at 9:00 PM every Saturday. The process of how to enter in Mahzooz draw with detail and you can see live Mahzooz draw on every draw.

How select Mahzooz winning Numbers for Lucy people.

All the processes of Mahzooz draw are held through the latest technology machine and there is no hidden process. You can see the Live Mahzooz draw result. The machine will select winning numbers automatically and if your ticket’s 6 numbers are matching with the selected 6, you will be a winner if more than 1 lucky people’s ticket number matches then the prize of mahzooz draw will be divided among them. This lottery is like a sports game that is held by companies. Mahzooz is offering a number of mahzooz draw prizes for the winners.

How To Add Credit or Balance to Mahzooz Account by Card

In the process of buying a Mahzooz ticket, you need to buy water bottles and donate them.

Follow us about adding credit or balance to your mahzooz account.

  • creat Mahzooz account or Sign in.
  • Select the payment method or use existing credits if have one.
  • Put amount.
  • Put require information correctly.

After the process, you will get a message of confirmation through email or mobile numbers. You cannot refund your credit balance if you have done this process and after it all, you need to wait for mahzooz draw result and see if you are the winner. Mahzooz app is an easy source to get all the information about mahzooz draw.

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